This year “Stop and Smell” the roses at Royal Botanical Gardens

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Warm spring, full sun, and rain — a trifecta for rose gardens


Burlington, ON, June 20, 2023Royal Botanical Garden’s, Rose Garden First bloom in the rose garden starts now and will flower all the way through summer until the first frost in October. Now is the perfect time to take a sensory adventure at Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG), as over 3,400 individual roses begin to bloom in the iconic Rose Garden located in Hendrie Park. Wait no more, as visitors are in for a treat as the innovative, sustainable and inspiring Rose Garden is flowering with an explosion of fragrance and colour.


“Starting today, varieties such as Rosa ‘RADral’ (sold as CAREFREE CELEBRATION) are  in  bloom, along with Canadian introductions Rosa ‘AAC576’ (sold as CANADIAN SHIELD) and Rosa ‘VLR001’ (sold as CHINOOK SUNRISE) The rose garden at  RBG has one of the longest bloom periods of the plant collections  lasting until the first hard frost in October” says Curator of Living Collections, Alex Henderson. “Roses with superior genetics have been selected for the garden in order to reduce and prevent the disease blackspot”.  


Whether you are a garden enthusiast or simply looking for a breathtaking photo-op, RBG’s Rose Garden promises a lovely day trip.


And if you are looking for more, check out:


Discovery Station: Discover Roses

June 15 to July 6; 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; Hendrie Park

Visit our Garden Interpreter to delve into the spectrum of rose colours and why they smell so fragrant.


Guided Tour: A Rose Garden for the 21st Century

Daily, June 15 to September 4; 1:00 p.m.; Meet at the Reflecting Pools, Hendrie Park

Join a Garden Interpreter to discover what makes our innovative and sustainable Rose Garden so special.


Guided Tour: Exploring Roses

Daily, June 15 to July 6; 11 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.; Meet at the Reflecting Pools, Hendrie Park

Join a Garden Interpreter to explore amazing stories of the history of roses in our world-class Rose Garden.


Hendrie Park is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 8 p.m., and timed-ticket registration is required for BOTH admission and parking.  Parking is $10 per vehicle AND admission is $10 per person. Both Parking and Admission are TIME TICKETED and should be bought in advance at


About the Rose Garden:

RBG’s Rose Garden boasts   over 3, 400 individual roses displaying more than 300 different cultivated varieties. Opened in 2018, the sustainable garden focuses on -hardy, disease resistant roses together with companion plants. Beneath these beneficial plant pairings is a 7km long trickle irrigation system delivering water directly to the soil. Deep roots, combined with a consistently maintained layer of mulch, means the roses require irrigation only in extreme drought conditions, promoting an eco-friendly approach. The companion plantings and advanced irrigation system creates a garden that is resilient and sustainable — a garden growing in healthy soil working together to attract beneficial insects that stave off pests. 

The Rose Garden embraces new designs and techniques that reflect a more modern, environmentally conscious approach to growing roses — techniques that people could recreate for their own gardens. What better way to showcase sustainability than with a wonderful palette of colours and the captivating fragrance of roses?

With paved pathways leading guests through the garden, gazebos and Hendrie Park’s reflecting pools, this collection is both accessible and picture-perfect. Visitors can explore the many other gardens and sculptures dotted throughout Hendrie Park. RBG Interpreters are running a Discovery Station at Hendrie Park with activities and opportunities to learn about and engage with the history, significance, and care of roses.

Visitors can look forward to magnificently cultivated roses, wonderful garden spaces and endless entertainment and activities. The Rose Garden is typically in bloom until the first hard frost in October, giving guests the opportunity to revisit the roses and events later in the summer and the chance to experience the natural progression of the garden’s flowers and companion plants. All of RBG’s outdoor garden areas are open and are included in general admission — enjoy a day of stunning trails, fantastic horticultural collections, art and music, all at RBG.


For More Info and Photos:

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Rose Collection

VIDEO: Rose Garden Evaluation



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