Superhero camp now available for Canadian children in select cities

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–Heroheads® summer camp cultivates all those Elsas and Spidermans in the making–


Vancouver, B.C., February 18, 2015 – Atlantis Programs and Pedalheads® extend their coveted lineup of summer camps by introducing Heroheads, a physical skills development program, now launching in nine select Canadian locations this summer. The aim of the one-week, half-day program is to help children build seven basic physical skills: locomotion (running, jumping, skipping and climbing), agility, throwing, catching, balance, kicking and hand-eye coordination. They then get to show off these skills at the end of the week with a grand obstacle course called the “Super 7 Challenge.” And superhero camp wouldn’t be complete without the ceremonial presentation of the cape to commemorate their newly achieved “superhero” status!


The instruction-based Heroheads summer camp is aimed at four- to nine-year-old superhero wannabes and is offered in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.


“Kids love toys and gear. So do we at Heroheads,” said Sydney Hamilton, manager of programs training. “We have twelve different kinds of balls, archery bows, balance beams, target tarps, a climbing wall, crawling nets, ladders and a giant game board. We want the kids to have a great time while learning important life skills.”


Children will participate in daily physical activities, continually building on their new skills and culminating in the Super 7 Challenge. Report cards, awarded on the last day, use superpower symbols (e.g., a lightning bolt for speed and a bull’s-eye target for aim) to show the superpowers campers have developed.


Heroheads replicates the highly successful Pedalheads® techniques: skills are broken down into progressive, manageable chunks, children are placed in age-appropriate smalls groups, top-of-the-line equipment is used, and children are encouraged to play safe, stay hydrated, keep cool and have fun! A typical Heroheads day would start with a warm-up, follow with an introduction to drills and then be spent playing games to master the seven basic skills.


Heroheads camp is a week-long half-day camp available throughout the summer in the mornings (9:30 a.m. to noon) and afternoons (1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.), with the option of full-day integration with another Pedalheads camp. In 2015, nine Pedalheads locations will host Heroheads.


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