Positive Dance Experience and SickKids Foundation host a 100-person Virtual Dance-A-Thon

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Positive Dance Experience and SickKids Foundation host a 100-person Virtual Dance-A-Thon


Callbridge’s new video CONFERENCE is the dancer’s dream–the platform allows REAL/QUICK time movement for an authentic experience


On Saturday February 13, 2021, Toronto ON (1:00PM-5:00PM),  Positive Dance Studio, Callbridge and SickKids Foundation introduce a new kind of dance party on a platform allowing participants to dance with as many as 100 people as they want in quick, real time — annoying lag-time and sound is not an issue for this four-hour dance party. This is opportunity for participants to enjoy and experience video conferencing technology at its finest.


When:             Saturday February 13th from 1PM-5PM – 4 hours of dancing


Who:              Eight Competitive Dance Members from the Positive Dance Team and celebrity appearances include:

  • Janet and Sky Castillo from the TV show “Work It”,
  • Findley McConnell who is currently dancing with Tate McRae
  • And also: Natalie Poirier, Hollywood Jade, Michita Rivera



How:               Sign up here

  • Invite ALL your friends and family (we are only offering 100 spots) to join by video
  • Now, put on your best dance party outfit and get ready to dance on Saturday


Why the dance-a-thon?

Chelsea Robinson (Owner and Operator of Positive Dance Studio), started the dance party initiative on behalf of Positive Dance Experience on January 18 lasting until January 22nd with the purpose of getting people moving and spreading positivity during the “Blue Monday” day and making the “positive vibes” last the entire week. It was then that the concept of dance party went one step further to offer a Mini Dance-A-Thon to continue our mission to promote movement and positivity but add the fundraising for SickKids Foundation as a way for our dance kids to give back to their community.


About Positively Dance

At Positive Dance Studio, our Recreational and Competitive Dance Classes are geared towards having confidence first and technique second. We want our dancers to be having fun, all while learning new skills that dancers can transfer to their everyday lives. Our goals are to provide the opportunity for an individual to express themselves creatively and achieve new goals. We as professional instructors will challenge each student to reach their personal potential. 


About Callbridge and iotum:
A leader in teleconferencing and group communications, iotum builds cutting-edge products to enhance remote collaboration for organizations of any size. Callbridge is a video and audio-conferencing solution built on cutting edge secure technology, suitable for businesses of all sizes, anywhere in the world.


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