PART TWO of the Canada’s Cup Defender Trials

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PART TWO of the Canada’s Cup Defender Trials between the 8 Metre Yacht’s Gefion, Hollandia and Layfayette July 15 –17, 2016

“Layfayette leads but the double point system makes this second series critical”

–US 8Metre yacht Yquem Chosen to challenge for the Canada’s Cup —

Toronto Ontario (July 9, 2016) –Part Two of the Canada’s Cup Defender Trials takes place in the Modern Grand Prix 8 Metre yacht and is an elimination series for the honour to compete in the coveted Canada’s Cup (#Canadascup #yearofthe8) . The Canada’s Cup, an America’s Cup style sailboat match-race competition, between Canada and the United States, attracts high performance sailors from across the region to compete in Great Lakes sailing excellence. Gefion, Hollandia and Layfayette will partake in Part Two of the round robin series of match-races, a one-on-one style of sailboat racing, to decide who will represent Canada in the 24th Canada’s Cup. This is the 120th anniversary of the Cup, begun in 1896. The last challenge was won by Canada in 2011. The US has won 13 times, Canada has won 10 times and is the current Defender.

What: Part Two: The Canadian Defender Series is a two-part round robin elimination series in which the first yacht to win sufficient points will become the official Defender for the Canada’s Cup Championship match series in September. Part Two of the series will score double points per win. With this double point system, it is still wide open, on who will represent Canada against the U.S.A. in September’s 24th Canada’s Cup. or

When: Friday July 15 to Sunday July 17, 2016

First Gun 10:00AM

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Who: Team Gefion (RCYC) is skippered by Richard Self crewed by Hugh Beaton tactician, Mike Malloy (trimmer), Mark Decelles (pitman) and Billy Gooderham (bow), Hamish Matthews and Taylor Self.

Team Hollandia (RCYC) is skippered by Bryan Gooderham and crewed by Rob Emery, Will Gyles, Allan Megarry, Erwyn Naidoo, Jennifer Provan, Michael Rustom, Peter Wickwire, Mike Wolfs

Team Lafayette(RCYC) is skippered by Terry McLaughlin and crewed by Dave Jarvis (main), Geoff Moore (primaries), Sandy Andrews(bow), Justin Barnes (pitman), Andrew McTavish (primaries) and Tony Bowman (primaries)

Where: Lake Ontario Toronto

RCYC 150 Cherry St, Toronto, ON M5A 3L1

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About The Challenger Series
The Sodus Bay Yacht Club, the official Challenger for the 24th Canada’s Cup, has named Yquem, skipper by Andrew Burns, as its champion. The Challenger Trials were held July 7 –9, 2016 in Lake Ontario against Aluette and Natural. Yquem will have the honor to complete in the 24th Canada’s Cup event at RCYC in September 10-14, 2016

Results – US Challenger Trials
Boat A – Yquem – 4
Boat B – Natural – 0
Boat C – Aluette – 2
About the 24th Canada’s Cup

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) hosts the ultimate of North American match racing sailing events—the 24th Canada’s Cup challenge and the 120th anniversary of the Cup. A historic event that celebrates excellence in sailing and the rivalry and comradery of Canadian and American sailors on the Great Lakes. This year the event officially marks the revival of the historic, classic and much-admired International 8 Metre (8mR) class, but in its most modern and developed form, called the Modern 8mR. The return of the 8mR to the Canada’s Cup has been longed for by Canadian and American sailors who have kept the class vibrant and alive since 1954—the 8mR’s last challenge for the Cup.

In the summer of 2016, the Canada’s Cup, sailed in the Modern 8mR, celebrates tradition and glamour along with a modern hi-tech look in head-to-head, match-racing-style competition for yacht-racing excellence of the Great Lakes.

Toronto’s RCYC is the current holder and defender of the Canada’s Cup. The defender is the yacht club who won the previous Canada’s Cup while the challenger of record is the yacht club who officially issues the challenge for the next regatta in hopes to win the coveted Canada’s Cup. The challenger for the 24th Canada’s Cup is the Sodus Bay Yacht Club from New York State. The trials, or qualification series, take place in July for both the Canadian and US teams. Gefion, Hollandia, and Lafayette are the Canadian contenders while Aluette, Natural, and Yquem 1 are the US contenders. The winners will compete in the 24th Canada Cup in September.

About RCYC

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) offers both a down town city club and an island yacht club.

The RCYC’s Olympic calibre sailing facilities hosted the 2015 Pan American Games.

RCYC was founded in 1852 to serve both as a yachting recreational club and, in the British tradition, as an unofficial auxiliary of the Royal Navy in the defence of the waters of Lake Ontario. Two of the primary objectives of the club are to promote yacht architecture, building and sailing; and to promote excellence in competitive sailing.

About SBYC

SBYC was founded in 1893 on Great Sodus Bay on the south shore of Lake Ontario halfway between Rochester and Oswego NY. It has long been a favourite location for 8mR regattas and has hosted the World Championship as well as many North American Championships. It is a home port for both modern and classic 8mR’s and is leading the revival of interest in the class on the south shore of Lake Ontario.


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