KNCrowder introduces the NEW Catch’N’Close

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News Release

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Crowder Track’s revolutionary technology allows sliding doors to close and stay closed — safety, securely and silently all with the introduction of the Catch‘N’CloseTM system —


June 22, 2015, Burlington ON – KN Crowder manufacturing introduces Crowder Track’s Catch’N’CloseTM system to their Crowder Sliding Door kits. Bouncing and slamming is no longer an issue for Crowder Track’s sliding doors as the Catch’N’Close closing technology allows for smooth and controlled in both opening and closing of the door. The door will automatically slow and shut itself for the final few inches as the door travels to the closed/opened position. No more jamming fingers or slamming doors.


“Safety is a top concern at Crowder. The Catch’N’Close closing system allows the door to safely and securely close,” said Jeremy Crowder, Vice President KN Crowder.


The benefits:


Silent close

If noise reduction and privacy is a priority, the Catch’N’Close closing system is great. Long-term care facilities, hotels, hospitals, offices, conference rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms



The Catch’N’Close closing system helps to reduce accidents in the result someone’s finger gets caught. Residential and commercial facilities who are catering to small children, the elderly, or individuals who require additional care are perfect candidates for the system.


Ease of use

The Catch’N’Close closing system is extremely user friend as the door gently glides into position. The user is no longer responsible for leaving the door in either the fully opened or closed position as the Catch’N’Close mechanism does it for them.


The Technology

Crowder is the first to introduce the gas spring technology to create the Catch’N’Close closing system. It can accommodate doors of up to 300 lbs. or as narrow as 18 inches wide with the Catch’N’Close on both the opening and closing ends of the door.  The Catch’N’Close closing system has been cycle tested for up to 50,000 cycles with out fail.


The Catch’N’Close closing system has the unique ability to protect the door and hardware from wear and tear. The system eliminates slamming, jamming and general abuse.



The installation is easy as the Catch’N’Close closing system is hidden inside the Crowder Track and requires no additional installation efforts. The product can be used on top/side mounted doors, pocket doors, single and bi-parting doors and some barn door applications. . In the event there is any issue, or customers want to replace the closing device with a new one, there is no need to take apart the door or wall as the Catch’N’Close closing system can easily be accessed or installed from underneath the track.


“Our customers have always wanted quality, highly functional products that look great! The Catch’N’Close closing system fits nicely into our collection of quality sliding door hardware’, said Jeremy Crowder, Vice President KN Crowder.


KN Crowder will continue to manufacture quality products that meet and exceed their customers’ needs, as this has been their goal for over 65 years now as a Canadian owned and operated company.


About KNCrowder

KNCrowder specialises in manufacturing; Sliding Door Hardware, Weatherstrip, Thresholds, Stair Nosing, Automatic Door Bottoms, Foot Grilles, Floor Mats and Louvers. The family owned and operated Canadian company has been in business for over 65 years creating top of the line products that are safe for the family, user friendly, and beautifully designed. KNC builds its products to last, whether it is the long Canadian winters or the salty southern air, the aluminum extrusions live up to their legacy across the globe. The Canadian based company has representatives in North America, Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Mexico.

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