Attention: North American kids looking to have fun or parents wanting kids to learn key life skills

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Attention: North American kids looking to have fun or parents wanting kids to learn key life skills

Atlantis Program Inc. offers spring/summer; swimming, biking and key movement skills development programs and camps

Toronto ONTARIO — March 13, 2017, Pedalheads®, a children’s biking summer camp, Atlantis Swims, a learn to swim program, and Heroheads, a physical skills development program, opens several NEW locations across Canada and the US including: Quebec, Denver and Chicago. Whether a Pedalhead, Herohead or an Atlantis swimmer, the fundamentals are always the same! Atlantis Programs Inc. provides innovative and effective programs that are safe, fun and challenging. It is the delivery techniques that make them famous in their local communities; lessons promote kids’ health, development and FUN.

The Programs: All one-week programs involve learning important techniques: skills are broken down into progressive, manageable chunks. The children are placed in small, age-appropriate groups. Equipment is heavily utilized, and children are encouraged to play safe, stay hydrated, keep cool and have fun! A typical day begins with a warm-up, followed by a series of games that are specially designed to help the kids practice and improve their various skills.

Balance Bikers/ Trikes ‘N’ Trainers (TNT)

Age: 3 year olds

Duration: 60-minute program

Kids in this program learn to be active and improve basic skills, increasing their comfort levels on their bikes.  Skills such as: bike handling, steering, stopping, and riding up and down hills, are learned while having fun and building confidence.  In this fun, educational, and active class, kids improve their riding skills, balance and coordination by participating in a variety of biking games, obstacle courses, group rides, and all while riding on various terrains and slopes.  They also learn bike safety basics and parts of the bike, as well as enjoying other bike-related activities such as bike wash and biking stories, keeping the kids engaged and energized throughout each class.


Age: 3-10 year olds

Duration: Half or full day programs

Pedalheads camps are available for children ages 3-10 of various skill levels. Children of all ages enjoy Pedalheads as they have the freedom to ride their bikes in a controlled environment. Parents’ of the younger kids, are especially drawn to the Pedalheads camps as they are responsible for teaching children, as young as three, to ride on two-wheels in just one short week!

The Pedalheads bike camp experience provides children with the right environment, trained instructors, small groups, and prepares them for the road. Kids as young as three learn to ride without training wheels upon completion of the camp while older kids master gear shifting, road safety and mountain biking. For more information about the program, visit

Atlantis Swims

Age: Preschools and up

Duration: Spring Program

From bubbles to butterfly, Atlantis Swims teaches children as young as four months how to safely swim in small, fun, and dynamic classes. Swimming, another key life skill, is taught with the same focus – development of individual skills in a fun and safe environment. The children are evaluated using the criteria put forth from the Red Cross swimming program. Since 1986, our classes have taught children the essentials of swimming, how to stay safe in and around water, advanced techniques for competing or eventual lifeguarding, and everything in between.


Age: 4-6 and 6-8 year olds

Duration: Half or full day programs

The aim of this one-week, half-day program is to help children build seven basic physical skills: locomotion (running, jumping, skipping and climbing), agility, throwing, catching, balance, kicking and hand-eye coordination. They then get to show off these skills at the end of the week with a NEW grand obstacle course called the “Heroheads Rescue Race” Superhero camp wouldn’t be complete without the ceremonial presentation of the cape to commemorate their newly achieved “superhero” status!

Don’t know whether to choose Pedalheads or Heroheads, try our popular 6-hour combo camp with a half day of biking and a half day of superhero fun!

Visit our website for the venue closest to you:

About Atlantis Programs

Atlantis Programs and Pedalheads provides innovative and effective programs that are safe, fun and challenging. Their delivery of camps and lessons that promote kids’ health and development has earned a reputation of excellence in the communities that they serve.

During the last 30 years they have taught over 200,000 children to bike, swim and develop physical skills, using their own teaching methods, combined with small classes and exceptional instructors. Their comprehensive programs open up a world of opportunities for a lifetime of cycling, swimming and physical activities.


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